What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a trance like state of deep inner relaxation where the person becomes so much at peace in their mind & body that the critical part of the mind is bypassed.
The bypassing of the critical state of the conscious mind allows for the unconscious to take in new positive and beneficial beliefs.

Our negative feelings and habits are only as a result of repetition that created pathways. These pathways were initiated by beliefs of what we heard, saw, and experienced that impacted our decisions.
Whether you are an over eater, alcoholic, smoker, or have other negative habits and behaviours, remember you began because of a belief. Hypnosis creates a better blue print and sets us free of those limiting beliefs and patterns, so that we can discover ultimate health, success & freedom in our life.

Hypnotherapy is taking the world by storm in helping people drop excess weight, quit smoking and addictions, sleep better, feel more free and be healthier because it makes change at a cellular unconscious level. It will assist in balancing the systems that operated the old negative problems and build a more compelling future.


What is NLP – K?

NLP stands for Neurolinguistic Programming with Kinesiology.
The three main components are human experience: neurology, the way we talk to ourselves (internal dialogue), and programming. Neurolinguistic programming focuses on resources, awareness, and techniques to develop human excellence. The techniques practiced are to bring about permanent, positive & pervasive change .  We experience our world and our perceptions through our representational systems of the 5 senses.  A session of NLP is a discipline that works with the unconscious part of the mind to create change.  It works upon beliefs and values, the ability to gain resources through objective reality and to regard wisdom ethics and ecology.


What does this mean?

“The map is not the territory”.  Our neurological map of reality determines behaviour and comes from past experiences.  The fact is that the map IS NOT the territory.  Imagine if you could have the wisdom to know that you can change the way you feel through re-programming your mind, to be better, more successful with a sense of freedom and wellbeing?

Negative feeling are a message to tell you that you need to either change – perception of what you’re thinking or to take action in what you are doing?   The truth is that many people live in their past and associate meanings according to old experiences. The concept behind NLP is the road of where we have come (the old map) does not have to be the road of which we travel.  And if people have had unhappy pasts (childhoods) they can make change through training their mind!  “It is never too late for a happy childhood”.


How do we do this?

Life is empty and meaningless until you give it meaning!  So what if you were empowered to understand your own human needs and to turn around the negatives into resourceful new patterns?   We model the successful results that have made change to the psychology of the mind through NLP.  When the founders of NLP Richard Bandler and John Grinder were developing NLP they looked for what happened in a person's mind at the point of recovery.  They created techniques that were identified from Fritz Pearls (creator of gestalt therapy) and Virginia Satir (renowned family therapist).  They studied patterns from Milton Erickson utilising verbal language to create positive change.  The techniques practiced in NLP such as “fast phobia cure” deal with trauma, phobias and major negative feelings.  They developed modalities to change mind patterns such as anger, depression and anxiety.  They obviously discovered through these techniques that change can be made in the brain to create better results.  They modelled time line therapy because they saw how people made profound changes by accessing their time line and going back to create better strategies with new resources.  And they were able to facilitate their clients to create a desirable future through their 5 senses by using their new creative resources to equip them for human excellence!


Can it help with addictions?

Yes!  Whilst it is the belief of Terri Messenger that ethically, morally and certainly each person has a free will that may indicate they do not wish to stop, the underlying reason for them wanting to continue can be discovered.  If they resolve the underlying issue it has been observed that it can lead to assisting them to give up the habit.
Please note:  All content is written by Terri Messenger and therefore reserves the copy write as the intellectual property herewith.

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