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Georgia Haddrill


Kerryn GardnerNLP has transformed my life in so many ways. Just 8 months ago I was couch and bed bound due to fatigue and illness. I had constant anxiety and felt like there was no hope to healing and getting healthy again. After seeing Terri for just one session I had a life changing experience. I felt excited about life again and I looked forward to the future instead of being anxious about it. I had more energy and was able to be apart of the community again which I hadn’t for many years. I know the Bali Transformation Retreat will literally transform your life like it has mine. NLP works quickly so it doesn’t require years of seeing a therapist. After three days immersing yourself amongst NLP in Bali you will come home with all the tools you need to have the very best life you can ever dream of!!!

Kerryn Gardner


Nicole LopezTerri Messenger is not who you think she is. You've heard of NLP practitioners and Hypnotherapists. They do awesome stuff. But Terri Messenger is beyond that. She has this amazing gift to sift through your stuff and transform you to a better version of you than you ever thought was possible. To think you have an expectation of what you would like to be like or have? Well throw that out of the window and expect to be wowed with what you truly do want, along with total ease of being, without even having to pre-plan what you want to say before the session! It's a full service! She will find it with you! Don't expect the typical practitioner who will just do what you say, she takes that and improves on it and builds the shambles you arrived in to feeling fulfilled and finally in your skin/life you want and being excited about it!
Over 6 years of doing sessions, mainly because I refuse to live life enduring difficulties, I have seen her to fix money issues, to becoming an incredible successful business owner, to handling how handle staff issues and letting it roll off your back to still achieve your goals, to overcoming fears like riding rollercoasters (I have now ridden many including the worlds fastest roller coaster in Abu Dhabi with ease), then also toilet training my son (which I accomplished in one day!) after many failed attempts. Also the biggest hurdle (I thought anyway) achieving 2 pain-free COMPLETELY NATURAL births of my 2 children, one of which came through with her hand and head at the same time! (Sounds ouchy, and it would have been as I am incredibly wussy and have a low pain threshold, I cry over a stubbed toe, Yes pain free and only 3 hour labours with no type of medication or help of any sort - only the support of my doula.)
The list goes on... I could probably write a whole book just on Terri Messenger and what she has achieved for me with all my hopes and dreams. But don't take my word for it, just try it. But only do it, if you truly want the life you've always dreamed about. P.s. She won't think you're cray cray if you ask her to help you in any area of your life - even if you think it's not possible, it is!! Thank you Terri, without you I would not be where I am now. Living in happiness!

Nicole Lopez


“I have had NLP for depression, anxiety and fear of flying and socialising. Since doing NLP with Train Your Mind I have resolved many of my fears and negative feelings. My depression lifted off me and it is now as if it never was there. I can go out and socialize, and was even able to fly over East to visit my family with a different perspective. Thank you Terri.”

Mrs. Rosetti


“For years I had been depressed. I could not believe the work that Terri did in clinic until I experienced it myself. I have had the best results and my family are amazed on how it has positively changed my life.”



“A young man who couldn’t get a job due to the lack of self esteem and disbelief in his life, was able to balance his negative thoughts and create for himself goals that he wanted to achieve. He did this through NLP-K. He moved on toward his dream goal and he has achieved what his heart desires.”



“A victim of severe child abuse, was acting out her life from tragic experiences of her past. She suffered depression as a result and developed a hard exterior. NLP-K lifted her from this hole, eliminating the negative feelings attached to her thoughts. She was so amazed by her transformation, she recommended NLP-K to her suffering siblings.”



“Was living on the streets. She had a faulty belief that this was her life and how it was supposed to be. Any limiting belief comes from a past experience, and if not dealt with can set limitations on peoples’ lives. Once we changed the blue print that lead her initially to a low self esteem and the belief that she did not deserve to live in her own home, she had made the first step to move into a residence shared with other people. She is now living in her own home and leading a good life as a result to developing herself worth through NLP.”



“Had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress disorder. This was a result of a family crisis where his Father had committed suicide. Because NLP offers a modality called “The fast Phobia cure”, this enabled him to separate the pain from the memory. Now because the pain is removed he is able to move forward in his life and leave behind the old PTSD symptoms. He will always remember what happened, and know that it was a tragedy, but now has the freedom to get on with his life as the pain has been removed and he is set free through the transformation of this NLP technique.”



“I was suffering depression and had no motivation at all. After two sessions of NLP-K I was released from my depression and the black cloud I was under for so long. My whole mind has changed for the better and I was able to accomplish this without medication and without hours of talking about my problems. The technique used in this clinic is fast, effective and successful.”



“ (not her real name) was locked into a negative belief system and had no energy or motivation. When applying the NLP to eliminate the negative feelings and K to balance the thoughts, breaking the cycle of negative thinking, Maria’s energy levels and motivation immediately returned to normal.”



“Is a Sales Manager and had a fear of public speaking. He always felt scrutinised even when he was not speaking. A change of perspective through an NLP technique was able to give him the resources to effectively speak to his colleagues and feel more confident about himself.”



“after 25 years of marriage was ready to leave her husband. She was sent into our Clinic at Train Your Mind by a Church Leader who had seen firsthand through one of his congregation members, how effective NLP demonstrated. Noelene had developed an almost hatred for her husband, and could not even bare to be in the same room with him. After she learned about the 6 human needs and why people behaved the way they did, she was able to gain an understanding of why her husband was acting the way he was, and why she felt the way she did. Most problems are not as profoundly serious in relationships as what they may appear, and it has been proven that awareness of why people do what they do, and how to make change through honouring each other’s values that this is a simple and yet powerful technique that has turned many relationships around for the better.”


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