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Here you can find all the information on her services, what programmes and events are on offer and how The Messenger’s as a team can help you improve your life.

Terri is a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. She leads one on one sessions as well as group seminars to share her gift with others.

Her family run clinic is based in Maddington, Perth and as well as coaching sessions you can also book in for chiropractic treatment, massage appointments, exercise classes and group therapy sessions.

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With Terri you can:

  • Become more empowered by learning how to leave the past behind and create a compelling future!
  • Drop bad habits by shifting negative thoughts and limiting beliefs from your mind
  • Experience more abundance, health and harmony
  • Enhance your relationships and career path
  • Learn how to create your goals and dreams and build a compelling future


TerriMessengerFrom Terri…
Everyone has suffered pain in their lives in some way, shape or form. Everybody’s pain varies and everyone is different. For someone who walks into a dark room, it could spell total fear that paralyses them, and yet for another it could mean complete peace and quietness.
We all have our own fears and unique pain that make us who we are. This does not however, have to rule our lives, making us less than what we were created for!
So how do you know who you are? In one word – “MEMORY”. It is every single event that you have ever experienced in your life through touch, smell, feel, taste and hearing. It is the very essence of these experiences that have woven us and moulded us to who we are today. These imprints are therefore hugely important, they have shaped our knowledge of the world around us. However, this knowledge can be distorted when there is pain involved. Pain blurs the lens through which we look at the world and influences our perspective, giving us a warped opinion of certain situations.
NLP-K has been proven over and over again to change peoples’ lives for the better. When they neutralise or collapse a painful memory they are able to see the world through a clear lens again. We have witnessed people once locked into depression and paralysed by their own state of mind, able to move out of that negative arena and go out into the world motivated with peaceful and happy dispositions.
We see the most profound empowerment of those who previously led the most deprived and tragic lives. This is because the tragedy their story held, once dealt with, enables them to be catapulted way ahead; they have more life experience – and therefore wisdom- and therefore empowerment- and therefore something special to offer to the world.
You see, the basis of NLP is that it is not too late for a happy childhood. We can choose to lead a life that is full of obstacles because of our own fears, or we can move forward with the new theory that “my life of pain has now become my lifetime of gain”.

Terri Messenger

What can I expect in a consultation?
Terri Messenger, NLP – K Practitioner, is passionate about seeing her clients receive fast and effective results.
Terri say’s – “There is nothing more rewarding than watching a person transform in one session, from the depths of despair to walking out of the clinic with a sense of peace, joy and freedom.”


To achieve the best results possible there are two modalities applied:

  • Neurological Linguistic
  • Kinesiology

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