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The nervous system controls everything in the body

It is the first thing laid down in the embryo on conception before birth, and the last thing operating at death. You are dead when the nervous system shuts down. All disease and dysfunction in the human body, whether it is physical/structural, chemical/nutritional, mental/spiritual, has a nervous component. All of these things work together in innumerable complex ways, controlled by the mind, brain and physical and universal laws.


Your Mind Controls Everything

Your mind (conscious mind and unconscious mind) controls everything in the body via the nervous system. It receives about four million pieces of information per second, of which the conscious mind is only aware of about seven pieces. That means that millions of functions are being carried out without you even being aware of them. You are only aware of and react knowingly on a very miniscule amount of what is actually occurring.


The Body Stores all of your Experiences

The body stores all of your past and present experiences (memories, feelings, hurts, …) which create filters that determine the way that you react to any given situation. This means that any thing that has happened to you, or your perception of anything that has happened to you, or the meaning that you have given to anything that has happened to you will be projected into and onto your future, as a reflection of what your filters have created in and from the past.


Who are you?

You are only you because of your memories. If you had no memories you would be nobody, so we must have memories. The sad part is that memories can bring back bad emotions and emotional turmoil. The fact is there are no bad memories, just bad emotions attached to them. Imagine if you could disconnect and remove the emotions from the memories.


Did you know that it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Imagine how different your life would be if you could alter your perception and the meaning you gave to all your past woes and release yourself from yourself and the past.

Also the unconscious mind cannot differentiate between fact and fantasy. If you release yourself from the past it cannot control your future. So, you can then, create in your mind a future in which you can live the life that you have always wanted (within practical limitations).


NLP is content free.

So your NLP practitioner does not even know what past horrors you are dealing with. This means that you can deal with anything and everything, without fear of anyone knowing or any of your deepest secrets being discovered. We only ask that you deal with all of those issues.


NLP and You?

A better life, the life that you have always wanted can be yours through NLP.

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