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Introducing NLP Practitioners Training

"Congratulations in being open to the most innovative and greatest personal development program you will ever invest in – “NLP Practitioners” Life course."



On many levels you may be seeking to explore human excellence. If you understand NLP, you will know that it is the fastest & most effective technology to moving people forward, gaining skills, increasing confidence & understanding communication at a level second to none.

In a nutshell NLP is the study of human excellence. Your beliefs & values have been coded by your background & life experiences. Your unconscious competent learning patterns also known as habits impact areas of life of which you excel and areas that you struggle. NLP is about recognising failures as learnings and adopting the skill to re-code the mind for ultimate success.

Yes Presidents, Prime Ministers, highly successful sports people and business people will have many skills derived from NLP.

If you have liked us on face book and/or attend any of our personal development classes you will understand the reputation of credibility and excellence of service provided at “The Messengers” by the team. Testimonials are held in the highest ranking of changed lives in all spheres being social, recreational, relational, personal & vocational. Please feel free to ask us to explore the proven history of testimonials by others whom have experienced our training and services.
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Certification Break-down

Module 1:
• Relationship Communication Skills
• Understanding Human Behaviour
• Reading Body Language
• Accessing how people process: Great for children’s learning, teaching and understanding linguistic skills
• Persuasion engineering skills
• Become Exceptional in sales
• Learn the art of influence
• Learn the psychology of human excellence
• Understand how to coach others to get the best results: sports, career, recreational and relationships
• Learn the technology of how to be inspired for motivation and adapt the ability of overcoming limitations such as low self-esteem, lack of motivation, negative habits.

Module 2:
• Technology for breaking patterns
• Fast phobia cure for fear and trauma
• Techniques to break depression and anxiety
• Hypnosis coaching to learn the art of language for positive, permanent, and persuasive change
• Modalities to quit bad habits such as over eating, nail biting, anger management and addictions
• Time line therapy to go back into the childhood and withdraw issues whilst changing the blueprint to improve financial, relational, social and vocational imprinting

Benefits of being Certified as a NLP Practitioner

• Paving the career of your dreams
• Exceptional Communication
• Building rapport & influence with other
• Leadership & vision skills
• Freeing yourself of negativity
• Creating a super empowered you
• Fast Tracking from depression to empowerment
• Break through Experience to freedom
• A successful life of building your fortune

Save the dates! 

Module 1:
February 2017
October 2017

Module 2:
March 2017
November 2017

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