Mastery of NLP/Hypnosis

MASTERY NLP & HYPNOSIS (NLP Masters Certification)


Certification Break-Down

MODULE 3  Coming Soon!!!

June 13,14 15, 16, 17


  1. Mastery in building rapport and language patterns
  2. Conversational Hypnosis 
  3. Sleight of Mouth
  4. Clean Language
  5. Metaphors and story telling
  6. Physical Well being through Cellular Repair


After completing 5 days in this module you will have learned how to become an effective communicator, an active listener and brilliant in reading people and a master of body language. This Mastery Model of NLP is not about extending more techniques, rather - it is how to elegantly speak words in the most simple, easy and effortless way.  This module is about callibrating freely the desired outcome in the world around you and installing strategies to give you and others limitless resources in any field desirable.
Based upon the Legendary Milton Erickson's school of thought, we have implemented this training as it is focused upon empowering others with their own infinite intelligence.  In other words, it is not up to the facilitator to lead the way, however the facilitator assists others to lead themselves and assists them to remove blockages that have stood in the way.  The free flow of removing blockages gives the person freedom to find their way and arrive at specific outcomes with life unlimited.  
 Imagine bringing about positive change in the lives of others through use of language patterns. The Master Practitioner becomes artful at building rapport, ascertaining the gold nuggets of information through questions and knows how to guide their subject toward their goals.  
Clean language is an easy & effortless art giving you the ability to find the gold nuggets beneath the ice on top of the water.  Once you know how to break the ice with anyone - you will discover the waters beneath to be a flow of moving in the right direction toward past, present and future to instal new resources.
 Metaphors are made for the client/other to recognise that "under the ice on top" once the ice is broken, they can recreate any aspect of their life and base it upon modelling others with excellence. Understanding the principle of modelling is the key to gaining health success & freedom.  
This will empower you how to drive home any message to an audience, group or another person as you become phenominal in understanding the different love languages.  The facilitator is like a magician at work understanding the magic is in language patterns, modelling and callibration and its as simple as that!!!  Once you come to know this simple and yet profound strategy you will have world class communication skills with the ability to rapport and influence people.
This module is ideal for the therapist at work and those in sales & leadership.  Please note all modules will have an introductory of module 1 in communications & rapport as a foundation to build the empire.


MODULE 4 - More information on this module will be submitted soon!

July 13, 14, 15

• Vocal Tonality
• Hypnotic Inductions
• Energy Shield (Protection from NEgative Energy)
• Story Telling / Speaking in Parables


MODULE 5 - More information on this module will be submitted soon!

August 5, 6, 7

• Review and Mastery
• Setting up Your Consultation 


Save the dates! 

MODULE 3: 15/06/17 – 17/06/17

MODULE 4: 13/07/17 – 15/07/17

MODULE 5: 05/08/17 – 07/08/17


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