Mastery of NLP/Hypnosis

MASTERY NLP & HYPNOSIS (NLP Masters Certification)


Certification Break-Down

MODULE 3  Coming Soon!!!

June 15, 16, 17

  1. Conversational Hypnosis 
  2. Sleight of Mouth
  3. Clean Language
  4. Metaphors and Language Patterns
  5. Physical Well being through Cellular Repair
Based upon the Legendary Milton Erickson's language patterns.  Imagine bringing about positive change in the lives of others through use of language patterns. Conversational hypnosis is when the NLP Practitioner becomes artful at fluidly putting the 101 principles of building rapport, ascertaining the gold nuggets of information through questions and guiding the subject toward their goals in an easy & effortless way that is so simple, clean and effective, the best of trained people have been likened to being a magician with their words. Yes when you complete this module - "Your words will be your wand".  The ethics and principles are always in the best interest of the subject and what the Trainer Terri Messenger especially values, is how the magic is founded in active listening and creating story based upon the clients own personal language.  Essentially we become "copycats" and this is so profound that many trained people have been thought of as having specific insightful powers of intuition.  The devlopment of Criterian Values is the ability to tap into a deep level of a person's identity to get to the root of what is truly important to them.  This system of converational NLP will give both the trainer and the subject the ability to discover the true beliefs and values that  The strange irony is that because the trainer becomes an artful copy cat, this brings rapport on a level that holds exceptional power and influence in change works.  The principle of focusing attention on what the desired goal is, becomes the key of personal change works.  Tapping into the synchrony of the person's communication, both verbally & physically will allow the subject to drop all judgement and be open to positive suggestions as you channel them toward their desired outcome.  When the critical part of the conscious mind drops because of the credibility, rapport and truism factor - The subject is open to new learnings.  Rapport is established and the art of conversation is based upon our basic principles of NLP being -  As the magician in training you will learn these processes at an unconscious level and become artful naturally in a fluid and flowing way.  The outcome of the conversation will bring the subject to the other side of the bridge where they can meet with their own paradise.  This incredible experience through conversation retains the benefit of staing out of the person's story and giving you the ability to assist them to move toward what they want rather than what the do not want.   The profound principle of Learning suddenly becomes the only purpose for people's downfalls in this world.  When synchronicity happens, magic happens.  It's an unconscious simple easy way of personal change.  This is the phenomena that enables a person to move forward toward their desired outcome and assists people into effortless decision making.  This is a profound way to ethically work with any person toward edifying, empowering & equipping them to move forward into health success & freedom!


MODULE 4 - More information on this module will be submitted soon!

July 13, 14, 15

• Vocal Tonality
• Hypnotic Inductions
• Energy Shield (Protection from NEgative Energy)
• Story Telling / Speaking in Parables


MODULE 5 - More information on this module will be submitted soon!

August 5, 6, 7

• Review and Mastery
• Setting up Your Consultation 


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MODULE 3: 15/06/17 – 17/06/17

MODULE 4: 13/07/17 – 15/07/17

MODULE 5: 05/08/17 – 07/08/17


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