Bali Transformation Experience

Bali Transformation Experience


Your unique opportunity to transform Mind, Body & Soul in Health Retreat Bali in just 3 days coming soon.


Step inside the eye of your mind to unlock your infinite wisdom of Excellence through the greatest 3 day self-empowering Personal Development transformation Experience!!!!

Through the cutting edge tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis we will guide you through a journey of self-discovery where you will be given the powerful tools to release yourself from unwanted patterns & negative emotions that have held you back in your life!


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Our proven success resources of life changing techniques will assist you to achieve

 Optimum Body - Easily and Effortlessly

  • The mindset of eating your way into the best shape body for ultimate health. The magic formula derives from the Govt accredited Hypnotherapy credentials researched and achieved by our experienced Master NLP Trainer & Hypnotherapist.
  • The clinical statistics of success witness many peoples' success with attaining a better mindset, body shape and a new way of thinking about food easily, naturally & powerfully. The rejuvenation of physical wellbeing will also include immersion of cellular repair assisting to eliminate stress & tension from the body and to assist optimum heath, energy & vitality.


Healing of Your Past and Creating The Best Future

  • Releasing past trauma, stress & limiting beliefs through the powerful Time Line Therapy will re-code your life with new patterns of behaviour to bring enlighten clarity, to heighten self-esteem & confidence and to enrich your life with the success formula for an ultimate quality of life.


Achieve Human Excellence in Your Life 

  • Learning the power of leadership skills for building a successful life in career, relationships, business & sales. The cutting edge tools of NLP Communication will assist you to build rapport, develop self-awareness & the art of influence with others to enrich your relationships & gain the master key to success.


Enlighten your soul and body with Yoga - Meditation - Bali Retreat

  • An experiential cleansing meditation with gentle yoga movement also forms part of our program offered as an individual program and complimentary to the whole Transformation Experience.


This powerful 3 day life Transformation is built on the foundation of “The 16 Laws of Success & Think & Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill. Also inspired by Paul McKenna “I can make you thin with my words” and Dale Carnegie “How to win friends & influence people”. Some content of this program is also inspired by Anthony Robbins the International guru inspirational speaker who popularised NLP.

The principle of natural, effortless & pervasive change is derived by the Master NLP Techniques & Govt Accredited Hypnosis, utilised throughout this 3 day program.


A snippet from the Cellular Repair Hypnosis


“Float away through a timeless, blissful place in tropical paradise where the gentle warmth of the sun & the pleasant whisper of the breeze will bring you into a present state of enlightened peace and sweet blissful immersion. This journey through the eye of your mind will set free the old negative patterns, like a bird released to freedom so you may discover the true inner power from within. This journey through a timeless space will assist you to tap into your higher power of intelligence to rebirth you with the self-empowerment for an enriched life. Tap into your inner bliss and discover your infinite empowered wisdom. Discover the cleansing rock pool of pure holy water to immerse your whole being into purity and arise with every cell of your body cleansed through this artful hypnotic journey in its magnitude.”


Experience the Power of Healing Meditation


Immerse yourself into this 3 day program will make this the most powerful investment for a healthy, successful & empowered life.


Your Itinerary:


We will be transforming people's Minds - Bodies - Souls





We will be doing this in the province of Sidemen, Bali, Indonesia, in a blissful private resort.


Under the watchful shadow of Mt Agung (3031m height), with breathe of Mother Nature all round us, together with the pulse and flow of the waters of life running beside us; we look at the Subak Tabola Retreat in Sidemen....




Bali Tansformation Experience program is specifically developed to allow maximum flexibility in order to achieve individual outcomes that you will set  with your Master NLP Trainer and Govt Accredited Hypnotherapist prior to entering the Bali retreat. Each day will be enriched with complimentary meditation and yoga as part of your Bali retreat experience.

Our strategic dynamic team will offer modalities to Awaken your infinite intelligence. This is offered through the Human Dynamics and Metaphysical energetic work of NLP & accredited hypnosis with anatomical level of cellular healing. It is aimed to remove blockages in your body of trapped emotions & set you free from the past negativity that cause limitations. Our Master Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist specifically trained in human excellence for mind & body can even trace back blocks from your ancestry that underpin the root causes. When you make the change at a cellular level, we will re-code your blue print to a self empowered & desirable version of yourself.

What makes this program so unique is that each person can choose their own individual element of 


healing and apply the change to their physical appearance & well being, their relationship or career. This journey of 

self discovery comes with a decade of experience in running programs, workshops & Transformation experiences. We are high

ly recommended by a huge number of people who have changed their lives for the 





For 4 nights 3 days, you will live in the private villa surrounded by tranquil waters and rice fields, overlooking magnificent Mt Agung. Private Bathtub, Wi-Fi, Aircon and Spa salon available at your request.  

Complimentary services:

Airport transfer, meals, Massage x 2 (traditional Bali), Bali Cooking lesson, Meditation and Yoga 


4  5
6  7



Solo traveller

  • Including accommodation, meals, NLP and Hypnosis workshops and sessions, yoga, massages, transport to and from airport AUD 2,990 + Flights


Twin share traveller (sharing room (must be sharing with either partner or a known person))

  • Including accommadation, meals, NLP and Hypnosis workshops and sessions, yoga, massages, transport to and from airport AUD 2,195 + Flights each


Other packages are available for kids and partners not attending NLP and Hypnosis workshops & sessions. 


All packages excluding airfares

We respect your right of choice of air carrier, as an indication the airfares to Denpasar Bali vary from $160 - $800 return from Perth.


Book now - call us to reserve your place on 08 6161 2793 or attend our information session during C.R.E.A.T.E. night on any Tuesday for only $15. 

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Give yourself the greatest gift of life in September and create your bliss in Bali and return home "as if" you have had the greatest natural make over of a life time!!!!


Contact us for more information on the accreditation of the Trainer and the mission of the team!!! For booking and your private consultation call 08 6161 2793.


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