Imagine being able to go to a therapist who can give you the tool to find any answer for your life!  This Therapist holds no judgement and enables you to know exactly what you need to do!  This is also readily available to you every day and any time without limitation.


The NLP Presuppositions give an outline of aproximately 15 principles that are very different from traditional counselling and/or education model. Instead of passing judgement, demanding perfectionism and comparing one selves with how others are doing, it offers a whole different dimention into how a person's thoughts impact behavious and actions, because of our beliefs!!!


When you have the tool kit for the 15 presuppositions you can hang it in your home and consider it the greatest therapy advise you will ever find 24/7.  You can consider your issue and refer to the mindset of thinking in these 15 elements and apply them to your life.


The founders of NLP have defined, and coaches all over the world have mastered and enhanced, the following presuppositions of NLP. Each of the statements is formulated as an assumption, that, when used, can have a power of changing a limiting belief and giving a fresh perpective onto the problem situation.


As we have demonstrated in our C.R.E.A.T.E. class on Tuesday nights, even stepping into the presuppositions will alter the view of the negative situation. I personally have successful cases when only this excersise alone resolved the client's problem.


So let's have a look at what is NLP Presuppositions?  


1. The map is not the territory.

The way how we percieve the world is only one of the ways to percieve the world. It has very little in common with the actual world and there can be different maps of the world. Important implication for you is that you can always update your map of the world in case it does not serve you well.


2. If one person can do something, anyone can learn to do it.

You can learn another person's mental map and integrate in your own worldview to achieve similiar results. 


3. The mind and body are connected and thereafore affect each other. 

Our thoughts inflience our physical beings, and in turn, our physical reactions will affect our thinking. When you have learnt to change either one, you have learnt to change the other. 


4. People already have all the resources they need.

Your subconsious does not have the difference between the imagination and the reality. And your mind has the capacity of discovering the ways to attain the goal via learnt behaviours or imagine new possibilities. 


5. You cannot NOT communicate.

You are always communicating, verbally, non verbally, even internal dialogue and your thoughts are the forms of communication. When you become aware of that, you will read people easily as well as have a better understanding of yourself.


6. The meaning of communication is the response you get.

People receive messages through the maps of their worlds. A trained NLP Practitioner will be able to judge the effectiveness of the communicaiton and be able to alter the meaning based on the response he receives from another person.


7. Every behaviour has a positive intention.

Even very negative behaviours, such as lying, shouting, hitting, anger had a positive purpose in its original situation. Yelling in order to be understood. Hitting to keep another person away from bigger danger. Lying to feel safe. Rather than condemning these actions, you can separate them from the person's positive intent, and seek new, more positive choices that will achieve the positive outcome easier.


8.  People are always making the best choice with the resources they have.

We have learnt a certain way to do certain things and operate with the skills and knowledge we have - until such time when we add more resources and learn new ways of doing. 


9. If what you are doing isn't working, do something else. 

"If you find yourself digging a hole, stop digging"

If what you were doing isn't working, stop doing it. Do something else. Measure your progress and make adjustments as required. 


These 9 NLP presuppositions are at the foundation of the study of human excellence. Understanding them and applying to life situation will guarantee to increase choice, improve communication and enpower individuals as they before more resilient and recourceful and achieve better outcomes on dayly basis.  




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